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King Logistics began in 2018 in Hobbs, NM, USA, it was founded by José Jaime Pujadas and Faustino Zayas Marín, as a transportation company that provided logistics services, but also expanded to the construction industry and “over the road” (road transport).

King Logistics has a professional work team with a quick response to service and risk management capabilities, with human quality, great responsibility, commitment, attitude and great adaptability to the needs of the client, this has made us work with important clients in the sector of the construction, oil and logistics transportation within the United States of America.

Vacuum water truck

Wash out a tank, store liquid, transport liquid or clean up spills.

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Sand box

Our drivers are skilled and experienced to make sure any material is removed and transported with care.

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Cement, sand and dry or liquid chemicals need precise hauling with the right pneumatic solution.

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Hydrovac truck

Need to expose or excavate buried infrastructure? Do it through a high pressure water and vacuum system with our hydrovac trucks service.

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We’ve got 48-53’ trailers to accommodate all your freight shipment needs.

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Transportate legal loads and heavy equipment with our lowboy service.

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Hot shot truck

Hauling small and having time sensitive requirements? Dispose of our medium-duty trucks for any of your needs.

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Transport dirt, gravel, waste, coal or any other material with our dumper trucks.

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Belly dump

Lay material through linear heaps with our dump trucks for any of your needs.

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